Karavomylos & Sami

Karavomylos & Sami in Kefalonia Island.

Karavomylos is the finest holidays spot in Kefalonia Island as it is round of admirably local travel sightseeing and so close to the biggest port of Kefalonia (Kefallinia) in Sami Town. The settlement of Karavomylos is located on the eastern side of Kefalonia just 1 Km distance from Sami which is the third biggest town on the Island after Argostoli (Capital City) and Lixouri.

Sami is famous for its awarded amazing verdant beach-bay called Antisami beach. Karavomylos and Sami are known also for their natural beauty with phenomenal features such as Melissani Cave-Lake, Drogarati Cave and the perfect vegetation. There are also some other archaeological and geological sites such as “Karavomylos Lake” and the “Ruins of Ancient Sami”.